Platinum Residential Maintenance Plan

An HVAC system is something that many homeowners tend to take for granted. With the hustle of daily life, essentials like regularly maintaining HVAC systems are often overlooked until disaster strikes. Unfortunately, breakdowns happen at the worst possible time, when temperatures are extremely hot or cold.

Manufacturers strongly recommend annual maintenance on your equipment, to ensure the manufacturer's warranty by following its terms and conditions regarding maintenance.  Without regular servicing, heating, cooling and plumbing systems waste energy and are more likely to break down more frequently.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can improve energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bill and giving you more cooling & heating for your hard earned dollar.

Reduce the likelihood of inconvenient and costly repairs, prolong the life of your equipment, and improve energy efficiency with a Shafer's HVAC, Inc. Platinum Residential Maintenance Plan.


Air Conditioning

Check Filters

Check compressor starting components

Check for refrigerant leaks

Check/tighten electrical connections

Clean condensate drains and pump

Clean outdoor coil

Check refrigerant charge


Gas Furnace

Check air filters

Check for gas leaks

Check ignition components

Clean burners, pilot, flame sensor

Check heat exchanger and flue

Check all safety controls

Adjust gas pressure

Check for carbon monoxide


Oil Furnace

Check air filters

Replace nozzle and oil filter

Check ignition components

Clean heat exchanger

Check heat exchanger and flue

Adjust combustion with Combustion Analyzer

Check all safety controls

Check for carbon monoxide

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A maintenance plan from Shafer's HVAC also includes these great benefits

Just like your car, your air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems need routine maintenance to keep them running their best. Our Preventive HVAC Maintenance Contracts will give you peace of mind that your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently.


You will receive priority treatment on service calls. It's your ticket to the front of the line.


We'll correct minor problems before they grow into major problems


15% discount on all services (excludes equipment)


Parts are guaranteed for one year and labor for 60 days


A breakdown on a Saturday, Sunday, or even on a holiday, won't cost you more!