Commercial & Industrial HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Commercial HVAC repair maintenance

A malfunctioning HVAC system can shut down, or at the very least, handicap your business. Proper climate control is essential for happy customers, employees, and tenants. Some business equipment also needs the correct temperature to operate. It is impossible to avoid every malfunction in your Commercial HVAC system just as it is to predict the future. Shafer Heating and Air conditioning can, however, maintain your Commercial HVAC system to minimize risks. When a malfunction does occur; we'll be there to repair it quickly and effectively.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Maintenance

A routine maintenance schedule is imperative to the life of your Commercial and Industrial HVAC system. Just as a vehicle needs regular maintenance to operate correctly, so does your HVAC system. Shafer's Heating and Air Conditioning can inspect your HVAC system regularly to identify potential issues before they become problems that cost you time and money. One of our certified technicians can visit your business today and provide a comprehensive inspection to keep your system functioning the way it should. If anything requires repair or replacement as a result of our inspection, Shafer's Heating and Air Conditioning can repair the issue before it causes increased utility costs or even larger issues.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Repair

A damaged Commercial and Industrial HVAC System can make your business uncomfortable for employees, customers, or anyone who visits your business. Gas or oil furnaces, boilers, roof-top units, high-velocity air conditioners, and their components can fail at any time. Shafer's Heating and Air Conditioning's highly trained and certified staff has the knowledge and experience to repair it quickly and effectively.

Call Shafer's Heating and Air conditioning today if you notice strange noises, odors, spiking utility costs, or a general decline. A team member is prepared to identify and repair any issues in your HVAC system today and keep you comfortable for tomorrow.

Subcontracting Services

We welcome inquiries for new opportunities with local and regional contractors and homebuilders to provide HVAC subcontracting services.


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