Plumbing & Water Heating

residential hot water tank sales & service

Water Heating

In addition to heating your air, Shafer's offers water heating brands, installation, and service as well. We carry and service domestic water heater brands like Rinnai and Bosch. All leaders in the industry, backed with years of factory warranty and Shafer's Heating and Air Conditioning expert installation and service.

Whether you need a new or replacement hot water tank or a tankless water heater for new construction, Shafer's HVAC has you covered. We have water heating solutions for residential and commercial properties in the area.

Boilers & Hydronic Systems

Boilers heat your home or business by heating water and circulating it through a sealed pipe network to radiators throughout the structure. Large commercial boilers such as Burnham Commercial Boilers and compact residential boilers like Bosch Boilers all require trained HVAC technicians and plumbers to ensure your hydronic system operates safely and effectively. Shafer's Heating and Air Conditioning is licensed and certified to install, maintain, and repair all of the plumbing contained in these systems.

Rinnai tankless water heating sales and installation
Bosch water heating sales and installation
Alliance water heating sales and installation